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                                          'ICON ILLUSIONS'

        A Master Class in the art of celebrity impersonation makeup

                               Sat. Sept. 15th 12-3-20

                                FRENDS BEAUTY

      5270 Laurel Canyon Blvd North Hollywood CA 91607

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        $140                                          You will get a paypal confirmation once you payment is made.



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Award winning makeup artist Glen Alen will share the secrets on how he recreates iconic celebrity drag illusions. Weather your working in film, television, print or have clients wanting to look like their favorite iconic celebrity. Drag makeup is a highly requested skill and tons of fun. Glen Alen will transform 3 male models into Cher, Lady Gaga and Marilyn Monroe. Learn how he manipulates face structure by mixing the fundamentals of art and anatomy with makeup. This class will not only help you to achieve fierce celebrity impersonation drag makeup, it will also take your beauty makeup to the next level of excellence.




- Goodie bag - $50 value

- List of products used in demo

- Handout of male/female contour/highlight

- Handout of male/female bone structure

- Diagram of Golden Ratio


Covering topics like:


- Changing bone structure from male to female

- Facelift tapes

- Concealing Eyebrows

- Face and Eye Contouring

- Lash placement

- Anatomy

- Color theory

- Glitter placement

- Lip Design

Students bring

- Bring pen and paper for taking notes.

   and camera for photos.

And your sense of adventure :-)




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