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       ZOOM   'BEAUTY and the DRAG BEAT'   CLASS


     Think of this as a beauty makeup class on steroids.      



PART ONE -  $29  (Fundamentals of Beauty, Drag and Beyond )   Sat. Oct. 10th  1-2 


                                                            SCROLL DOWN FOR PAYPAL IF ON AN IPHONE                                   

PART TWO -  $49 ( Full Glam Drag Makeup Demonstration )         Sun. Oct. 11th  1-3 


                                                                               SCROLL DOWN FOR PAYPAL IF ON AN IPHONE 


    ATTEND BOTH  -  $68      $10 DISCOUNT              Sat. and Sun

                                            SCROLL DOWN FOR PAYPAL IF ON AN IPHONE

You will get a confirmation from Paypal once your payment is made.

You will receive the ZOOM ID # the day before the class.

If your new to Zoom, below is a link for a Youtube tutorial.


I will be sharing all of the secrets and demonstrate a full drag makeup while answering questions from the audience.



PART ONE: SAT. 10TH     Mysteries revealed    $29

- An intimate view of my life's journey. 



- The history of DRAG

- Before and afters

- What is the Golden Ratio?

- Why doesn't Covergirl... cover boy?

- Who dictates what beauty is?

- Why is knowing anatomy important.

- Understanding the world of color and its secrets.

- What color is your skin tone?

- What is the right foundation?

- How a wig changes a boy.


PART TWO: SUN. 11TH    Full Beauty / Drag Beat demonstration    $49


The transformation of Glamazon proportions ...

- Foundation placement and common mistakes

Snatching the face with tapes

- Concealing those damn eyebrows

- Changing bone structure from male to female

- Creating the perfect new eyebrow

- Face and Eye Contouring

- Reconstruction of a nose

- A brand new pair of lips

- Lashes! creating and placement

- The magic of Glitter!

- The best lighting for DRAG



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